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We are looked upon as one of the reliable Paper Bags Manufacturers in India. Paper Bags offered by us are extensively used for Super Markets, Retail Shops/Stores, Jewelry Shops, Mass Merchants, and Restaurants & Other Industries etc.
Our Recyclable Shopping Paper Bags are made from high quality papers. They are lightweight, durable and ideally suited for repeated use.
They are also versatile, convenient, safe and comfortable to use. All Bags are available in a wide range of colors and can be supplied unprinted or screen-printed with your corporate or community identity, in any style or size to suit your requirements.

Why Us?

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Paper & Paper bags. Our excellent quality paper is widely appreciated by our clients and we strive to meet expectation of our clients. We firmly believe in giving full satisfaction to our clients and include a wide range of products like handmade paper & Paper Bags. We use high quality raw material and modern equipments to make our end product standardized and user friendly. We are dealing in Eco-Paper Bags ranging from Food Service Bags to Grocery Shopping Bags and Handmade Paper Bags to Shopping Paper Bags. Our paper bag manufacturing co. is a technology-oriented organization specializes in the production of a wide variety of bags.
Bags can b value added to give an exclusive image and feel. From matte and gloss lamination, from ordinary foil printing to double edge foil printing, from ordinary UV printing to textured and other UV techniques, from ordinary embossing to textured embossing with exclusive logo embossing, We at Apurvi Creations use one or more techniques to give your bags a elegant and classy look to carry your brand and product.

Eco Friendly Paper Bag Handmade Bags: India has the rich history of handicrafts that has evolved over the centuries. The entire wealth of timeless handicrafts has survived through ages.
Handmade designer carry bags that is ideal for any home and office use. Whether you want to carry consumer goods, vegetables, office files or anything else these light weight but thick sheet carry bags are there to carry anything and gives an exotic charm to your shopping experience.
Laminated Paper Bag Laminated Bags: There are two types of laminated paper bags, glossy laminated and matte laminated. Glossy laminated materials shines if you don't want the material to shine, then you can option for matte lamination. Laminated paper bags are attention grabbing and durable. You can use it several times, they are cheap and attractive, they are Biodegradable, they are environment friendly, can be used as a gift bag, can be used as an advertising or promotional tool. These bags are mainly used in dress boutiques, fashion boutiques and exhibitions/conferences. It is a bag of superior quality and is perfect to target an audience of a higher grade.
Kraft Paper Bag Kraft Paper Bags: Go for Trendy Kraft paper bags. These are promotional carry bags and gives you value for money. These paper bags are fit for all purpose like shopping, gift pack, and jewelry. You can find so many colorful shopping bags with a number of attractive colors and also in different size. You can use these bags to carry jewelry, cosmetics products, gifts, shoes, garments and other fancy items. We supply paper bags with quality, competitive price and perfect services. These Bags can be made completely complying client's requirements including the color, size, material etc.
Customized Paper Bag Customized Paper Bags: Customized paper bags that are tailored exclusively for your company can be thought of as a walking advertisement letting your existing and prospect customers know what your brand is and how you can serve them. Customized shopping bags for your company also provide an effective branding strategy at a low cost. Customized paper bags are a great investment for any retail business especially if you will compare them to other disposable bags and reusable options. You can also increase your business' profitability as you can save a great amount of money from purchasing paper bags. Customized Paper Bags are conveyances of raising brand awareness and promoting your business. These bags are great medium for the proliferation of your company message. These can be used for Gifting in Birthday Parties, Marriage, and Branding or in Promotional offers.
Duplex Paper Bag Duplex Paper Bags: Best quality Duplex Board is used as raw material with cotton rope. These are 230-350GSM bags with great carry capacity and strength. These paper bags are available with quality printing and also in cheapest price. Excellent printing is also available with our paper bag product. These bags are mostly used by boutique, garment shops.
Woven Paper Bag Indore Non Woven Bags: A reusable shopping bag, sometimes called bag for life is a type of shopping bag which can be reused several times: this is an alternative of single use plastic bags. It is often made from fabric such as canvas, woven synthetic fibers, or a thick plastic that is more durable than disposable plastic bags, allowing multiple uses. Reusable shopping bags are a kind of carrier bags, which are available for sale in supermarkets and apparel shops. It Come in Different Sizes and Shapes with Handle in D-cut. These Bags are Durable and we print it in All Colors. Non-Woven Bags are used in many industries such as Apparels, Food, Cosmetics, Jewellery, Footwear and many more…